India, Arriving In An Incredible And Mysterious New Place

India, I just arrived in this Incredible and mysterious new country where I will spend the next 30 days traveling around the state of Tamil Nadu

India, Arriving In An Incredible And Mysterious New Place

The Rotary International choose me along with 4 other people to go on an all-expense-paid trip to India for one month. I went going as a part of a cultural exchange program called, Group Study Exchange. We were a group of 5 who all live in East Texas. Most of our trip will take place in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Every few days we will change cities and stay at the homes of Indian families that are part of the Rotary Club. I had no idea what to expect. But I was extremely excited about this adventure that I would learn from it.

I started 2010 perfectly, heading out on a brand new adventure I know I’ll never forget. After a long flight from Chicago, we arrived in New Delhi, it was very dark and foggy. We went immediately from the airport to the hotel to sleep a few hours. Then we had to get up very early and go back to the airport and head off to Chennai.

Hindustan Ambassador in India

We flew on King Fisher airlines from New Delhi to Chennai

King Fisher Airlines in India

More Photos From My Incredible Trip to India:

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