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Photos: India – Arriving In A Mysterious New Place

New Delhi by Matthew T Rader

I was very fortunately selected by Rotary International to go on an all expense paid trip to India for one month. I was going as a part of a cultural exchange program called, Group Study Exchange. I went with a group of 4 other people who all live in East Texas. This trip would be focused on the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Once there, every few days I will be rotated between homes of Indian families that are part of the Rotary Club. I had no idea what to expect but I was extremely excited about this adventure that I would learn from it.

I started 2010 perfectly, heading out on a brand new adventure I know I’ll never forget. After a long flight from Chicago, we arrived in New Delhi, it was very dark and foggy. We went immediately from the airport to the hotel to sleep a few hours before we had to get up very early and go back to the airport and head off to Chennai.

Hindustan Ambassador by Matthew T Rader

We flew on King Fisher airlines from New Delhi to Chennai

King Fisher Airlines by Matthew T Rader

More Photos From My Incredible Trip to India:

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