Lake Tawakoni Iron Bridge Dam In Wills Point Texas

The Lake Tawakoni Iron Bridge Dam is a reservoir located outside of Wills Point, Texas, it’s one of the largest man-made lakes in Texas.

I used to live a few miles from the Iron Bridge Dam at Lake Tawakoni. It was cool living so close to a dam. There was something interesting and mysterious about it to us. It was big, ugly, and had a lot of restrictions for getting near it.

One evening when I saw a gorgeous sunset happening, I jumped into my car and drove to the dam to get his photo of it at sunset. Unfortunately, no water was flowing over it at the time but it still came out really pretty!

Lake Tawakoni Iron Bridge Dam at sunset
Restricted area, do not cross buoy line

My brother and I explored all around it.

No entre, no se permit pescar (no entry, fishing is prohibited)
A couple vultures looking at the river below

Sometimes the dam overflowed with mass amounts of rushing water, it was amazing to see and extremely loud.

The river the Lake Tawakoni dam flows into

Occasionally, after a good rain, water would lightly flow over it.

Water flowing over the Iron Bridge Dam

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