Photos: Melbourne, Australia

During my stay in Australia I mainly stayed around Melbourne and the Yarra Valley Both are extremely different from one another, a massive modern city and beautiful rolling countryside full of wineries.

Melbourne had some of the most amazing architecture I had ever seen. They also had public art everywhere I went, even over highways. It was such a fun and cool place with endless possibilities. I also visited several nearby places like St. Kilda Beach and Port Phillip Bay where I spent New Year’s Eve on a boat dock.


The Sound Tunnel aka The Ribcage Bridge
Melbourne Skyline, Australia
Flinders Street Railway Station
St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne
St Paul’s Cathedral Interior
Hosier Lane Graffiti in Melbourne
The Joker on Hosier Lane, Melbourne
A funny sign in the train station

New Year’s Eve in Port Phillip Bay

This was an incredible fireworks show. There were going off in every direction, we were completely surrounded by them and the beautiful city of Melbourne.

Fire works over Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne

St. Kilda Beach


Carnegie is suburb of Melbourne where I was staying with my friends.

A candy store
The Bush Butcher? Lol

Sydney Opera House

On my way out of Australia I had a full day layover in Sydney, so I took that time to go visit the famous Sydney Opera House and check out downtown. It turned out to be a very cloudy and a little rainy day but I was still able to visit the iconic opera house and get a few photos of it.

Sydney Opera House

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