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Photos Of A Chinese Gangster Found On A Lost Cell Phone

Photos of a Chinese Gangster found on a lost cell phone depict his crazy wealthy and brutal lifestyle with fancy cars, tattoos, and violence.

Photos Of A Chinese Gangster Found On A Lost Cell Phone
Photos Of A Chinese Gangster Found On A Lost Cell Phone

It’s believed these photos are from a cell phone of a Chinese gangster. Gangster organizations in China are also known as Triads. As you look at them you can see his love for money, Porsche, and puppies. In some ways, he seems like a harmless guy with a bunch of money on his hands.

But then are also a few photos showing him with other men committing acts of violence to another. It looks pretty terrible actually. The contradiction of this guys’ character these images show tells a story about who he really is. For this reason, I found photos to be really intriguing.

These photos of a Chinese gangster are obviously not professional, but they are amazing in that they way tell a story about this man. Unless it’s all staged, these photos reveal aspects of his physical and mental realities. He appears to be very rich and a gangster. The photos also reveal his personality, he seems confident, relaxed, vain, greedy, violent, and materialistic. It almost seems we get to see a full picture of who he is. This is because photos feel intimate due to the fact he took or had people take these photos of him for himself and not the world.

These photos show photography in its purest form. Plainly capturing life in small slices and when looked at all together, tell an overarching story.

The photos were originally posted on Imgur at this link:

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