Photos: Old East Dallas Gentrification, Part 1

Old East Dallas Calavera Mural

I have been living in Old East Dallas for a few years now. I’ve noticed in my short time in this Dallas neighborhood how dramatically and fast things have changed. There were old buildings from the 20’s and 30’s everywhere. The area was a little rough, had a high crime rate, and sadly a large homeless population. In just a few years I saw many buildings disappear and the crime rate and homelessness go down.

I had never lived in an area with such rapid change before. Seeing gentrification ruthlessly plow froward through a historical neighborhood fascinated me. It was both tragic and good. People who have lived there all their lives told me they love the low crime rate and how safe it is now to go out at night. They also said it’s sad to see all houses and buildings they’ve known since their childhood disappear.

I began to walk around my neighborhood with my Hasselblad 500cm making photos of the interesting things and people I saw. I wanted to capture the disappearing culture of Old East Dallas before it was all completely replaced.

I had a bit of light leak problems, which is unfortunate in this case. I usually like light leak but on these next couple photos it’s too bright and ruined two very interesting photos. I had to go get my camera back felts replace after this.

A smashed up car parked in the grass

Old East Dallas Gentrification Project

A series documenting the gentrification happening in Old East Dallas on medium format film since 2016

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