Old East Dallas Gentrification Photography Documentary Part 12

This is part 12 of a series that explores gentrification in Old East Dallas and how it has been transforming the small Dallas neighborhood.

I’m pretty excited about these photos. I feel like this project is finally taking shape and capturing the process the way I hoped it would. I started thinking about how gentrification is like time and aging. It’s this large overpowering force that sneaks up on you and creates massive change that’s virtually impossible for these communities to resist in a meaningful way.

I looked for scenes and juxtapositions that I felt captured these feelings. Houses with new buildings creeping up behind them as if they are ready to push them out of the way in the name of progress. Neighborhoods all over Dallas and the whole US are going through gentrification. I haven’t seen or experienced any that was going through so fast and dramatically like Old East Dallas.

Coming upon this home was startling to me. I this house in a recently demolished state, a first for me. Gentrification usually requires so much destruction which I find to be tragic. Developers demolish a lot of homes and buildings and carry them away to make room for the new. Honestly, It’s been painful to watch and observe this process.

I know there are some positive aspects to it. But I also think about all the culture that is lost forever. This Old East Dallas gentrification project has really made me think about how my presence impact communities. Especially when I move into a community I’m unfamiliar with.

I photographed the house below two years ago. It had no buildings surrounding it, now it’s the only old house still remaining on the street.

Old East Dallas Gentrification Photo Documentary

A 5-year photo documentary exploring the gentrification in Old East Dallas on medium format film since 2016.
You can see the best of this series in this gallery.

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