Old East Dallas Gentrification Photography Documentary Part 13

This is part 13 of a series that explores gentrification in Old East Dallas and how it has been transforming the small Dallas neighborhood.

On this walk, I found a few really good gentrification scenes I captured. I also made some photos just for me, things I thought were interesting in Old East Dallas. While shooting this roll I tripped and fell and broke my camera. It was so frustrating, I need to replace the waist-level viewfinder which cost over $250. Thankfully though, non of my photos were ruined, I was so happy about that because I really like today’s set a lot.

This photo is pretty funny. I generally like to find some humor in almost every situation. No, what is happening here is not funny. But I do think these three porta potties with different colors and side by side in a neighborhood is a funny sight.

I made this photo because of the empty grassy lot. Lots like this were once everywhere in this area of Dallas. Now they very scarce and I’m sure soon this one is going to have some giant apartment building or row off town houses build on it.

A random but interesting trailer, not really related to my project but it was in the neighborhood and I thought it was cool looking.

Old East Dallas Gentrification Photo Documentary

A 5-year photo documentary exploring the gentrification in Old East Dallas on medium format film since 2016.
You can see the best of this series in this gallery.

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