Photos: Old East Dallas Gentrification, Part 3

Today’s photos are my favorite so far. I was really excited about these when I saw their prints at the photo store. I go to Photographique in Deep Ellum to buy and develop my film, I scan them myself. I focused more on elements and people of the neighborhood that represented the change instead of any random thing I found interesting.

Cell towers are now scattered all over the nighborhood
A sign for lost bunnies
Someone’s belongings sitting in a vacant lot
The ground is covered with broken glass
3800 Ross, an old gas station turned used car lot that now sits abandoned
The demo of an apartment building where low income people used to live
There is dicarded furniture all over the place
A local resident walking with her dog in her arms
This lot is now clean up, it used to be a popular spot for the homeless to sleep and do drugs when I first moved into the area
This guy worked at nearby junkyard and allowed me to take some spontaneous portraits of him

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