Photos: Old East Dallas Gentrification, Part 4

On my most recent photo walks I tried focusing on the people of the neighborhood, the disappearing people that made up the culture of Old East Dallas. Most people I encountered were very friendly and open with me. I always stopped for a bit and chatted with them about anything, life, the city, my project, etc. I also captured several portraits of homeless men and women that I regularly encountered. Each and everyone one of these people were extremely kind to me and I deeply appreciate them. None of these photos are meant for anyone to laugh or gawk at. They are meant for us to learn from and to remember them.

The old AT&T building
American flags above the entrance to the old AT&T building
A neighbor’s dog
A vacant lot homeless people liked to hang out at
A mechanic that works at a nearby auto shop
She wanted me to get a photo of her looking angry
Then she gave me her sweet smile
Homeless buddies
Homeless buddies
A local resident relaxing on her porch
A local resident drinking beer and eating on his porch
An abandoned sofa

2 thoughts on “Photos: Old East Dallas Gentrification, Part 4

  1. Matthew, I really enjoyed looking at the East Dallas photos. I lived in East Dallas for about 5 years, many years ago and I recognize some of the buildings.

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