Old East Dallas Gentrification Photography Documentary Part 6

This is part 6 of a series that explores the gentrification in Old East Dallas and how it has been transforming the small Dallas neighborhood.

When we got a little bit of snow this winter, I grabbed my Hasselblad, ran out, and took photos of the neighborhood sprinkled with snow. The snow gave everything an innocent and whimsical look, hiding the sad reality of what is actually happening. I realized I hadn’t taken many cityscape photos so that I made sure I did some of those types of photos on this shoot.

A week or two later, I went back out to shoot another roll. Within several days the weather was nice and sunny with people outside. Behind the liveliness developers were tearing down buildings and throwing out furniture thrown out everywhere I went. Seemingly invisible ghosts were pushing these lively residents our of thier nighborhood.

I’ve been particularly drawn to this house over the past couple years. I have photographed it several times. The missing top right window and slight lean to the right gives this house a very interesting character.

The Dallas skyline in the fog. I really like how the skyline looks on a foggy day and this was my first time capturing it with analog film.

Old East Dallas gentrification
A child riding around on his toy alone among some old apartments
Two guys working on their car in an old apartment complex

Old East Dallas Gentrification Photo Documentary

A 5-year photo documentary exploring the gentrification in Old East Dallas on medium format film since 2016.
You can see the best of this series in this gallery.

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