Old East Dallas Gentrification Photography Documentary Part 7

This is part 7 of a series that explores the gentrification in Old East Dallas and how it has been transforming the small Dallas neighborhood.

This neighborhood has so much character. I wanted to capture as much of it as I could before it had completely changed. One of the things I found most interesting about this area is its location. Being so close to downtown and neighborhoods such as Uptown and Lakewood. It seems like those areas did not without it affect this area much for many years. But it does have its own wealthy area of Dallas from nearly 100 years ago, Swiss Avenue. A favorite of the Dallas rich way before Highland Park and Park Cities became the wealthy areas they are now.

It is like its own little city within Dallas. It appears that most people who have not lived in East Dallas are not aware of its existence. I always have to explain to people where it is. I have loved living in this area, my experiences here have been nothing but positive and enriching.

For these two rolls of film, I was still focusing on the people and the old buildings. Aspects of the neighborhood I had a feeling will soon be gone.

Old East Dallas Gentrification Photo Documentary

A 5-year photo documentary exploring the gentrification in Old East Dallas on medium format film since 2016.
You can see the best of this series in this gallery.

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