Photos: Old East Dallas Gentrification, Part 8

April had a lot of overcast days. I usually prefer to shoot on sunny days because I love getting the blue sky and stark shadows in my photos. I didn’t want to keep delaying going out for another day of shooting. So I went out despite the fact it was cloudy outside. Thankfully, it didn’t rain. I went out again a couple days later when there was some beautiful sunlight and blue skies.

During my recent walks I started focusing more on the homes. That’s were some of the most dramatic changes were happening. I would see old houses disappear and be replaced with rows of townhouses almost every week. I made sure to start incorporating that process more into my project. I still feel that I’m struggling to get a solid coherency to these photos. When I look at them all after I develop them, they all seem slightly hodgepodge to me though they are all taken in the same area.

Old East Dallas Gentrification Project

A series documenting the gentrification happening in Old East Dallas on medium format film since 2016

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