Old East Dallas Neighborhood Captured On Black and White Analog Film

An old house in Old East Dallas neighborhood
An old house in Old East Dallas

I’ve been living in the Old East Dallas neighborhood for several years now. Its character and location are very unique in Dallas. That character is beginning to change and disappear as it becomes another generic neighborhood of wall-to-wall townhouses and apartment complexes. Its close proximity to downtown Dallas, Uptown, and Deep Ellum has made it a huge target for developers as the city continues to grow.

I set out to document Old East Dallas’ fading character on film with my Hasselblad 500cm. I made these photos with Kodak T-MAX 400 film. The look of the B&W film is beautiful at capturing the timeless aspects of the neighborhood. I walked all over the neighborhood for hours shooting these couple rolls of film.

The Adler Hotel at night in Old East Dallas
The American flag on the fence of an old house
The texture and shape of an old tree
The Dallas skyline seen from Old East Dallas
A road roller in front of graffiti quoting by Bob Marley
A man walking in front of an old store front
Snow White and Mario piñatas holding hands like two lovers in a window display
A church with the sign, Lost Sheep Welcome in the Old East Dallas neighborhood
An excavator clearing a plot of land
An old closed down store in Old East Dallas
An abandoned crooked house
Three new townhouses that replaced an old house
An apartment building in Old East Dallas
A man walking his dog outside of his home in Old East Dallas
A no exit parking lot sign
A discard chair in grass on the side of the road
An old house between two rows of townhouses
A row of townhouses under construction

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