Uptown Dallas at Night, Part 3 of 3

It had been a few months since I last went shooting at night in Uptown Dallas. Things seemed to have died off a bit and there were not many people out like the first time I did it. This time for some reason, there were a lot of people out and about in December. The weather was really nice, it was a perfect night to go out before winter offically arrived.

I went back to shooting with my flash. It’s really interesting the diverse group of people that descend on one street in Uptown and party at night. You see people from all parts of Dallas’ society walking up and down on this less than a mile strip of bars and restaurants.

I tried avoiding staged or posed photos at all cost. Occasionally, someone would specifically ask me to take their photo and I would. Some of those photos came out really cool so I kept and included them.

Uptown, Dallas At Night Series

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