Venice Beach, California Shot On Analog Film With A Hasselblad 500CM

Venice Beach, California, skaters, surfers, and graffiti artists shot on analog film with a Hasselblad 500CM, a vintage medium format camera.

A street artist at Venice Beach
A street artist at Venice Beach

This Summer my brother Sam and I traveled to Los Angeles and spent several days there. We spent an entire day at Venice Beach. I brought my Hasselblad 500cm to capture the vibrant California beach life there. When we went, it was extremely crowded and hard to find moments and spaces not packed full of people. Fortunately, I was able to find some really cool and interesting moments that I captured. I also took spontaneous portraits of a couple on the beach.

I capture all these photos on medium format film. Afterward, I processed them at a local lab here in Dallas and then scan the negatives myself at home. These photos are very lightly edited, just some color and contrast refining and the removal of spots from dust on the scanner.

Skateboarders at the famous Venice skatepark
A surfer relaxing on the beach, California
A woman relaxing on the beach
Palm trees an graffiti at Venice Beach, California
Hulk like bodybuilder

Portraits of my brother and I

My brother Sam Rader
A photo of me taken by my brother Sam

A lady with her bike

This photo I edited more extensively, giving it a nice clean professional look without losing its film feel, which is important for me to keep.

A portrait of a woman with her bike on the beach

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