Photos: Where Do They Sleep? Portraits of Homeless Men and Women in Dallas

In Dallas County, there are over 3,000 homeless people. Many do not sleep in shelters.

You may see them asking for money at a gas station, in front of a fast food restaurant, on street corner. You may be generous and give them money occasionally or even buy them a meal.

But where do they sleep? Where do they end up laying their heads down at night to get the rest they need?

Many find themselves sleeping in cars, under bridges, on the sides of roads, and in a variety of other locations.

These men and women are real people with real stories that need real help.

Do you ever ask your self… Where do they sleep?

Here is a series of six portraits of homeless men and women in Old East Dallas juxtaposed with photos of places where they have actually spend the night. I want to confront you with the reality of what these homeless people face. Their name is placed next to their face to humanize them as individuals.

I have found the best way to help homeless people is to very be very empathic towards them no matter the reason they are homeless, then meet an immediate need they may have, like hunger, thirst, clothes, a jacket, money, etc.

These two organizations have been incredible at combating homelessness while making sure they love and care for the people who are suffering because of it. If you would like to contribute towards fighting homelessness in Dallas I recommend you check them out and donate to them as well:

Our Calling


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