Poem: Andrea, My Greatest Honor

Andrea Leep by Matthew T Rader
Andrea Leep by Matthew T Rader

A flash flood,
Of love.
Poured down,
From the heavens above.
Angels of grace,
Decended to me.
And presented,
A radiant beauty.
Adorned with purity,
And strength.
Her lips parted,
To speak,
My ears rejoiced,
My heart stopped.
My eyes stood still,
In awe,
Of her perfect face,
She placed in my palm,
Her hand.
I said.
Come with me.
For my love is rich,
And my path secure.
Let us create,
A sacred place,
To live, love, and die.
For this,
For you,
Will be my greatest honor.

Matthew T Rader
June 2, 2017

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