Poems About Life, Death, And Relationships From My Teens And 20s

Poems About Life, Death, And Relationships From My Teens And 20's

These Poems I wrote during my teens and 20s primarily reflect on life, death, and relationships during those times of my life.

Poems From My 20s:


 My body rests
beside the lake,
I listen.
And hear,
very quiet almost silent,
gentle lapping
of water
against broken bricks.
That soft sound
caresses and massages
my soul
into a state of peace,
muting my thoughts
and questions.

March 9, 2008

To Live

 Suffering, learning and growing
Through self imposed
Images of lies
I've never heard.

When touched by cold hands
I taste vomit,
My bones and muscles
are weakend.

Meaningless answers
to jealous questions
penetrate my ego,
clouding my mind.

I vainly despise
The past, Here
I am, so is she
Inhale, forget, Live.

February 7, 2008

On The Edge

 I stand on the edge
Wanting to be free,
Fulfilled and fearless.
The sun fell again,
The canyon is dark,
I'm afraid once more
To let myself fall
Face down and hit ground.

January 24, 2008

Naked I Want To Stand

Lovers of the past
I knew wouldn't last,
Have been forgotten so fast.

So thirsty, I've never been
To feel love within,
Deep beneath my skin.

As my youth impatiently dies,
Inside me, new fears arise
Of watching sunsets with lonely eyes.

Naked I want to stand
Before one who could understand
Everything I am. 

January 19, 2008


Fear of giving
Without recieving,
Left alone,
Dirty empty hands
Is all I am.

January 12, 2008

Eclectic Dreams

 Entering my mind,
 Contorted and twisted,
 Lost images 
 Entwine themselves
 Causing unreal chaos
 Inside a fictious,
 Constructed universe.

 Distorted stories
 Reveal themselves
 Everlasting vanity,
 As they consume
 My constant nightly
 Sleeping hours. 

January 8, 2008

A Winter Day

 I stand and stare
At the grey sky
Cars drive by, red
blue, blue again.

Here a brown roach
Of an old dream
Creeps closer to
My cold bare feet.

Cows are eating
Yellow dead grass
Neighbors and their
Voices I hear.

I share an Ic-
Y breeze with rust
On my cold nose
In December

December 13, 2007


 I hear her screaming
About him not breathing
I'm coming
This situation is so confusing
I'm just watching
And Standing
His heart is stopping
Everyone is helping
No ambulance is rushing
The taxi is waiting
His heavy body I'm carrying
His dead eyes staring
Her constant crying
Everything is ending
Something is missing.

Feburary 6, 2004

Maestro ?

 In a room for teaching
And gaining knowledge,
There are no ears
To hear my words.
Silent questions
About a silent poet
Will never be answered.
The sillas are watching,
Waiting, and dancing
To hear my voice.
The sickening absence
Is a trophy
Of my talent.

July 24, 2003


 We had a talk
With our eyes
About our connection
Of physical attraction.

We sat down
Next to our lovers
Talking to eachother
A glance at a time.

We learned so much
About a stranger
That can't be said
Only remembered.

July 5, 2003


The on coming days were so bright
Then someone handed me a shotgun in my right
And taught me how to shoot at night.

I shot my sun from its sky
And watched it fall and die.

June 8, 2003


 Wise old tree
That has seen more life than me
Teach me to stand strong
Even when things are all wrong.
When your limbs are covered with snow
You seem to constantly grow.
In the spring
The birds sit on you and sing.
You always share
The fruit you bear.
Wise old tree
Teach me to be
As wise as thee.

October 9, 2002

Come With Me

Your body is still
Your dead a hundred times
Come with me

Get up and breath
And stop your silence
Come with me

Your wings are wet
Let me help you fly
Come with me

We should leave now
This world is not ours
Come with me

May 10, 2002


I’m tired of living
In this suffocating cage,
I want to vomit up
My depressed body,
My eyes want to lower their dams
But my heart won’t let them.
Grieving has become too painful
For my soul to deal with,
But I know soon,
This misery will end.

Feburary 5, 2002

Regret ?

Wide awake
I lie
In this
In between 2
Army blankets
Peering through the bars
where the light comes from
The same bars
That I looked through last night
and the night before
I wonder
or shouldn't I
regret my sin
I think I should
do I ?

January 3, 2002


 I feel knowledgable,
I feel wise
But I'm niether
Because I'm trapped
In this place of lies.
False Happyness,
False sense of security,
We aren't criminals,
We are just common people
Who got caught
Making common mistakes.

December 29, 2001

Falling Stars

 I feel the wind blowing on my skin
As I watch the leaves fall.
Time goes on
While people die.
My life has fallen onto the ground
For everyone to see and walk on.
Looking into the sky
Where I once was
I don't understand
How I will ever be there again.
Is the life we live
A mere fall from the stars
Rather than a great travel
To be among them?

October 20, 2001

Knocked From A Tree

 I was high in a white palm tree
Breathing the happy air with my friends
When thunder sounded at my door.
Men wearing golden badges
Flooded into my world
With guns in their hands
And justice in their eyes,
My body stood motionless
As I watched my fun come to an end.
Quickly they threw us to the ground
And wrapped our wrists with metal.
We layed there in shock
As our dream became a sad reality.

September 26, 2001

A Break In The Rain

 Inhale the toxic air,
Drop the pill,
And exhale the smoke.

Everything is distorting my reality
In ways I've never experienced before.

Am I doing this for pleasure?
Or am I trying to escape
The world I've always known?

My conscience has long since departed
along with my morals.

Where did they go?
I miss them
And I want them back.

Not today though,
Maybe tomorrow.

July 15, 2001

Pink Dolphins

 The pink dolphins that swam in my stomach
Opened my eyes to the world around me.
My whole being was completely possesed,
By the electronic beats that filled the air.
The faceless people held colorful lights in their hands
And made them move and dance
In ways I've enver seen before,
In a way that everyone stood still to watch.
The touch of stranger
Created feelings of happyness in my body,
Everything felt good,
Everything was better than it was before.

May 19, 2001

Still A Kid

My youthful anger and confusion within me stay,
I know I'm young but no longer a child,
But it seems that part of me hasn't gone away,
And my mind and heart like a mischevious boy is still wild.
When I get home from my job at the end of the day,
I take a look around my room and see my toys,
Knowing the only reason I work is for pay,
When all I want to do is fight and romp with the boys.

May 8, 2001


The music isn't loud enough,
It's never loud enough.
I can still hear my tears
Dripping beneath my skin.
I can still hear my anger
Swearing with its bloody voice.
I can still hear my father's words
That travel through my head.
The music isn't loud enough,
It's never loud enough.

March 2, 2001

Naked Death

 What is this inside of me?
 I feel this anger or pain
 Building up within me.
 I want to be stripped of my clothing,
 My emotions and my conscience.
 I want to feel death's hands,
 Around my neck,
 I want to feel his boney fingers
 Break through my skin
 And grab my throat,
 Rip it out
 And stare in my eyes
 As I die.

February 17, 2001


 I want to leave here
And forget my friends,
Forget the good memories I have with them
And create new ones.
I want to set fire
To everything I love and remember,
I want to watch it all burn to the ground
And eat the ashes.
My memories seem so artificial,
Nothing is real.
I want to vomit my past onto the ground
And feed it to the dogs.
Everything hurts,
Everything is in vain,
Because tomorrow
I will have forgotten today.

November 5, 2000

Play Your Music

Strum your guitars,
Beat on your drums,
Scream into your mic.

Play you music
And never stop.

Play your music
Till I forget
Where I am
What I am
Who I am.

October 18, 2000

Blurry Reflection

 Today I fianlly saw,
I saw beautiful me.
I picked up my spoon,
Looked into it,
And saw my blurry reflection.
All I could recognize
Was the color of my skin
And black holes
That were my eyes.

Ocotober 17, 2000

Poor Spider

 Poor little spider,
Looking for food,
He made a wrong turn,
And ended up in my room.
He crawled round and round,
Finding only dust and hair.
His small stomach,
Longing for something to eat,
A fly, an earwig, or
Just a little ant.
Searching in vain for days,
His hairy legs grew weak,
He colapsed on the carpet,
Curled up his legs,
Closed his eyes
And died.

September 16, 2000

Poems From My Teens:

A Dead Frog

 Beautiful, beautiful frog,
Where did the life in your body go?
Stiff and stale like a log,
How this happened to you, I do not know.
On the sidewalk you took a park,
And stayed there till you died.
The hot sun burned your skin dark,
And the ants, took away your inside.
A dead frog, such a sad thing to see,
I know my days, like yours were, are few.
You still eyes stared at me,
And said, "this will be you."

August 6, 2000

Living A Lie

 A child I once was,
With pure and innocent eyes.
I looked up to my parents,
Ignorant of their faults.
With time came age,
With age came wisdome and knowledge.
I saw the floor that I walked on,
Was a floor of lies.
The roof that protected me from rain,
Was a roof built from deceit.
The walls saw the violence
And the window reflected my tears.
The haunting memories of her depression,
And His hateful words still echo in my head.
What was known as truth was a lie,
Where I was safe, I became scared.

July 28, 2000

Silence The Noise

Bullet in the brain
Blood on the tongue
Death and destruction
Is all we love

Dity roads
Created by dirty minds
Are growing wider
With every step

Men walking without a conscience
Unaware of their evil deeds
Women living with out love
For themselves and their children

When will it end?
When will it stop?
How long will it take
To silence the noise

May 26, 2000

Time Consuming Glass

Everyday we place out eyes,
In front of a glass of lies.
We allow it to comsume al out time,
An addiction that should be called a crime.

May 9, 2000

Never End

I don't want to close my eyes,
I don't want to go to sleep.
What would I dream,
Where would I go?

January 23, 2000


 We cling onto objects from out past,
To remind us of times that didn't last.
Tears of saddness roll down our face,
Wishing we could restart this race.
Tears of anger call to the floor,
Knowing we could've done more.
As our memory begins to fade,
More are being made.
Goodbye they kissed,
Memories forgotten are not missed.

October 9, 1999


 They float above me in the sky,
People say ther's where you go when you die.
Making the world wet,
You can fly above them with a jet.
Shooting out bolts of light,
I like to watch them day and night.

July 4, 1999


 I sit here thinking of my past,
Of friends who stayed and didn't last.
Thinking of all the love and hate,
And the women I wanted to date.
Regretting my mistakes,
Remembering my birthday cakes.
Feeling every past pain,
Loving memories of dancing in the rain.
Hurt from all the rejection I've had,
Remembering those I made happy that were sad.
Angry at the times I've acted like a coward,
Recalling all the places I have showered.
Mad at myself for when I acted like a creep,
Remembering the nights I've gone with out sleep.
Crying from the times I was hit and shoved,
Thinking of the songs I've heard and loved.
Suddenly I realize only 18 years are gone,
I must forget the bad, remember the good and live on.

May 2, 1999


 For so long you have been my friend,
You will remain that till the end.
So sweet and nice you have been to me,
That side of you I wish everyone could see.
You have always been so sharing,
For you I will never stop caring.
When people treated me bad,
You were there to make me glad.
I am so grateful that we met,
For you my friend I will never forget.

December 7, 1998

Evil Web

 This evil web, I fell into it's trap
I tried to struggle and fight to get free.
Circled by dark and cold my skin grew chap,
Looking around, all my friends forsake me.
Jerking my body, I became more wound,
In fright I cried out for my salvation.
By myself, an escape I have not found,
Trying to get free from this creation.
In the deep darkness I saw a bright light,
In the sky I saw a spiritual hand.
It grabbed me and freed me from my fight,
It placed my feet upon solid land.
In God's pure hands I shall forever be,
Wherefore death and hell I shall never see.

October 8, 1998


 You threatened me,
 You hurt me
 And You humiliated me
 I vowed revenge
 Days went on
 You continued
 My revenge grew
 Again I vowed revenge
 The day came
 I took the opportunity
 My revenege vanished
 But I became sad

Matthew T Rader
November 23, 1996


 I sit here being bored,
Wasting time I can't afford.
I have things to do
And places to go.
I have friends to meet
And work to complete.
With massive energy building up,
I want to stand and scream,
But that isn't how I want to be seen.
The teacher talking away,
I pay no attention to what she has to say.
If right now the bell would ring,
I would burst from my chair and sing,
But unfortunately it doesn't do a thing.
Seconds to minutes and minutes to hours,
I don't think this day is ours.
Thinking of everything from soap to dope,
Nothing will give me hope.
Looking forward to nothing but test,
I'm going to fail like the rest.

Matthew T Rader
March 5, 1996

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