Random Art Gallery 4th Annual Exhibition Featured Several Of My Photos

Random Art Gallery 4th annual exhibition featured several of my photos alongside other amazing artists such as Josh Dodson, Eric Mancini, Usama Khalid, and Lani MeKeel.

Random Art Gallery: RA IV
Random Art Gallery: RA IV

Brenton Black & Jason Sanders at Random Art Gallery in Dallas chose me along with many other great artists to exhibit our work in their 4th annual exhibition.

Nature of Class

I called the series “Nature of Class,” this series is about how the lower a person is on the socioeconomic ladder, the closer they are to having to deal being exposed to natural events such as storms. However, when high up on the ladder, you can become caged and unable to truly experience nature.

Nature/Freedom by Matthew T Rader
Freedom/Poverty by Matthew T Rader
Refuge/Wealth by Matthew T Rader
Wealth/Confined by Matthew T Rader

Opening was night was vibrant and fun and full of people. I really enjoyed talking to people about my pieces and hearing what they thought of them. Some people told me my photos were their favorite pieces there while others told me they didn’t find them particularly interesting. I learned a lot about my photography through those conversations. I wish I could do a show every month.

My sister and her boyfriend came to the show along with many other friends.

Matthew T Rader with Rachael Rader
Jeff, Rachael, and Matthew T Rader at Random Art Gallery: RA IV

There 7 other amazing artists there exhibiting their work as well. I humbled in be a show with them. I was very impressed with every art installation they curated for this show.

Random Art Gallery: RA IV

Here’s a list of the other incredible artists that exhibited their work with me:

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