Roscoe Wind Farm Is A Giant Wind Farm In Texas With 627 Wind Turbines

The Roscoe Wind Farm project in Texas is one of the largest wind farms in the world with over 600 wind turbines on over 100,000 acres.

Roscoe Wind Farm in West Texas
Roscoe Wind Farm in West Texas

RWE AG, a German multinational energy company, started construction on the wind farm in May 2007 and completed it in 2009 according to When the construction was completed, the farm was the largest onshore wind farm in the world. Roscoe is still one of the largest wind farms in the world. Today, 400 landowners share the 100,000 acres the wind farm is on, and they all receive royalties from the money generated by the wind turbines. A cotton farmer who lived in the area initialed and put the whole project together.

The 627 wind turbines are sprawled across 4 different counties in West Texas. According to the turbines range in size from about 350 feet to 415 feet tall and are generally spaced about 900 feet apart. They power over 200,000 homes. stated that Texas has over 10,000 wind turbines and now produces more wind power than 25 U.S. states produce from all power sources combined!

Visiting The Wind Farm

Seeing the farm in person was an awesome sight. The turbines at the Roscoe Wind Farm extended as far as I could see in every direction. The turbines are right off the roads that run through that area of Texas. Some are even off of dirt roads.

Renewable energy off of the road in West Texas
Wind Turbine close up
Clean energy generating wind turbines in West Texas
A wind turbine on a dirt road
Hundreds of wind turbines in West Texas
Rows of wind turbines
A wind turbine
An old wind mill with new wind mills
Cotton crops with wind turbines
Old windmill with wind turbines
Wind turbines at the West Texas wind farm
Cotton crops
Upward perspective of a wind turbine
Roscoe Wind Farm in West Texas

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