See Like A Child By Always Being Curious About Everything Around You

See like a child by always being curious about everything around you, learning to look at the same thing over and over with new eyes.

See Like A Child
See Like A Child

Throughout my life, I’ve heard people tell me that I’m like a little kid in so many ways. I still hear that today. I believe it’s because of the way I look at things and life. No matter how many times I have seen something, I try to see it in a new and refreshing way. I appreciate it over and over again. Like that little girl and boy looking up at a plane passing over their heads. I like to allow myself to be curious and interested in things that most people find not worth pointing out. Mainly because it’s so commonplace.

Regardless of how many weddings and events I photograph, I look at each one like it’s my first time. Curious about each detail and person, waiting with anticipation as the story unfolds before my eyes. That’s what I love about photography. I get to let that inner child come out, have fun, and be curious. To point out that things that most people don’t think of appreciating but do once they see my photos.

There is something wonderful and powerful about the innocence of a child exploring and learning about life as he or she grows and matures. I consider myself still growing and maturing, still looking at life as if it is so new to me. Even during my commute back and forth to work here in Dallas I find new and interesting things to observe. I frequently stop my car, hop out, and take a photo of whatever caught my attention. Whether it’s a graffiti-ed dumpster in front of a mansion or a pretty bluebonnet flower. I try never to let a great photo opportunity pass me up.

Don’t let any opportunity to appreciate life and sharing it pass you up.


  1. What an adorable pic Matthew! I am sure that couple was so happy you captured that moment. Great thoughts and advice… I found this poem that I thought was worth sharing. The author is unknown.
    Through the eyes of a child-
    All things are new
    All things are worth exploring
    Through the eyes of a child-
    There is innocence
    There is joy unfettered
    Through the eyes of a child-
    May we experience our rebirth
    May we find true pleasure

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