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Driving into the Texas Sunrise
Driving into the Texas Sunrise

I’ve already been blogging for about a year now, mainly just writing down things I thought were interesting and trying to relate them to photos I have taken. I enrolled into UT Dallas with the intent on getting the Emerging Media and Communications degree. I’m taking Writing for New Media with professor Andrew Famiglietti. He has asked us to read two different articles about blogging. The first one was an intro to Say Everything by Scott Rosenberg. The other one was Broadcast Institutions, Community Values by Clay Shirky.

Scott Rosenberg’s Say Everything really opened my eyes to the history of blogging and it’s impact on people. Honestly, as blogging became more and more popular I just ignored it. I thought of it as something for bored people with no real friends. I was wrong of course. The idea of how blogging pretty much records the daily lives of people really intrigued me. In 2011 I probably spent more time reading blogs than anything else, it’s been interesting and fun learning from so many people. The blogs I have read have had a profound affect on me and how I perceive the world. Blogging hasn’t just open doors; it has laid new paths that have never existed before.

Both of those articles make comparisons between broadcast media and blogging. They say one of the primary differences between them is that broadcast has an audience and blogging is more of a community. The differences between the two for me are a lot more than that. It’s like you can hire a tour guide to show you around a new city or you can meet local people and allowing them to show you a small slice of the city, which would include their life. You can get a broad overview perspective of the city or an up close intimate experience of the city.

They are similar in the way they both can teach a person more about a city. In blogging and broadcasting, they are both means of outputting information and that is where the similarities end. A tour guide doesn’t take you to their house anymore a news anchor will mention how a news story will affect him and his family. Locals usually enjoy taking visitors to their homes and introducing them to their friends and family and bloggers enjoy talking about how different events affect them.

I see both as being very important, because broadcast media helps you see the large picture without spending tons of time on minute details that you may not be interested in and that is where blogging comes in. Blogging allows you to see and read the tiny details and stories within stories that you may be interested in or not have discovered otherwise.

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