SoupMobile’s 14th Celebrate Jesus Christmas Gala For The Homeless

SoupMobile’s 14th Celebrate Jesus Christmas Gala gives over 500 homeless people meals and a stay at the Omni Dallas Hotel on Christmas Eve.

SoupMobile's 14th Celebrate Jesus Christmas Gala For Homeless

These photos are from SoupMobile’s 14th Annual Celebrate Jesus Christmas Gala. This is when SoupMobile, the Omni Dallas Hotel, the mayor of Dallas, and many others come together to give 500 homeless people a free hotel stay on Christmas Eve. The homeless men and women then receive a delicious 4-course meal. The meals are served to them by people who paid to be their waiters. This sweet gesture helps fundraise for caring for the homeless throughout the year. Before the meal they are all given new clothing they could look and feel their best before the big dinner. The joy and excitement on their faces during their arrival and the meal are so precious.

This is the 4th year I’ve photographed this event. It’s an incredibly beautiful thing to be a part of. It also puts me in conversations with homeless people. This helps me learn more about them and understand their humanity and suffering in a deeper way.

Many arrive coming literally right off the street and return to that same street the next day. Homelessness is such a complex issue and the thing homeless people need most is empathy and compassion. As well as understanding that their suffering is real and any help goes a long way.

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