Splashing in Puddles

Tanner in a puddle
Tanner in a puddle at Harry Moss Park in Dallas

I remember that as child I loved to splash in rain puddles. I really did, and often! There’s something about taking a step off the sidewalk and soaking your shoes from jumping into a rain puddle that’s so fun and satisfying. The way the water pops into the air as your feet meet the puddle and the sound of splashes as the drops return to the ground are so exciting.

Even into my adulthood I still liked to do things that most people do not like or want to do. I remember during my years in Cancun, when I visited the beach, when I visited the beach I would sometimes swim out into the sea so far, without a life jacket, that I couldn’t see the beach anymore. I would just float and swim out there for a little while, and then swim back to shore. I liked the adventure of doing that; doing something that so many people are afraid to do.

I feel that there is adventure in photography as well. I know many people love doing it, but not a lot of people walk outside of their normal lives or stop their car on the side of the road just to take a photo that might or might not be great. The great majority of my photos aren’t good but that doesn’t keep me back. I keep taking them, and I want take more. I enjoy the adventure of pursuing something even if I fail the majority of the time, because I know there are many times where I succeed too, and those moments make it all worth while.

It takes a lot of courage to pursue your dream because most people think it’s silly or wishful thinking to actually get up and try, maybe because they are so beaten down by their failures and critics. I don’t care what anyone says, I’ll jump into that puddle and make as big a plash as I can. You can too, just jump in and do it!

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