Submerged In Technology, The Chaos Of Life In The Internet Age

Submerged In Technology is a short art video depicting the chaos of navigating life in the Internet Age in a consumerist culture.

In this brief art video I illustrate how chaotic life is when your totally submerged in technology and consumerism. We are constantly recieving signals from the various tech devices in our lives to alert us of messages. Many, if not most, of these messages are prompts for us to participate in consumerism. Though technology in the Internet Age has made it easier for us to communicate with each other. It has also made it easier for companies to routinely invade our lives with advertising.

I frequently feel overwhelmed, to point the point of feeling like I’m drowning in all of the signalling from my devices. My devices recieve beeps, rings, bubbles, vibrations, alerts, etc. all day long. I feel like I’m losing an essence of myself and the ability to mindfully reflect on my life. It is frustrating how so much of this is to push me to buy stuff I don’t need or even want. On top of that, when I do engage with a company and buy their product the chaotic messaging increases more. Leaving feeling me feeling in many ways, helpless.

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