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Glitch Art Explores The Disruptions In My Relationship With Technology

December 5, 2017

Glitch art explores intentional and accidental visual disruptions in my relationship with computer technology and my life as a whole.

Take Down The Confederate Statues And Leave Them In The Past

August 16, 2017

Take down the confederate statues and let’s stop memorializing the men and women who fought to preserve slavery and leave them in the past.

Comparative Essay: Asterios Polyp & Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

May 12, 2015

A Comparative Essay of Asterios Polyp & Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close that explores the visual and narrative parallels in the two books

Persuasion Techniques in American Hustle – Reactance & The Liking Rule

May 5, 2015

Persuasion techniques are used frequently in the movie “American Hustle,” the ones they leverage the most are Reactance and The Liking Rule.

Sans Soleil By Chris Maker Is An Insightful And Revelatory Essay Film

January 28, 2015

Sans Soleil by Chris Maker is an insightful and revelatory essay film, the subway scene, in particular, resonated with me.

Unwanted Compulsive Behaviors Are Forming From Intrusive Technology

October 22, 2014

Unwanted compulsive behaviors are forming from intrusive technology, I see it happening to me in my life and now I’m trying to avoid them.

Online Communities Are Great for Personal And Career Growth

April 18, 2014

Online communities such as Flickr can be a great place for encouraging and fostering personal and career growth for photographers.

Entertainment Makes Us Live Passively And Miss Out On Real Adventures

March 26, 2014

Entertainment, when consumed a lot, causes us to live our brief lives passively and give up the adventures we could have had.

Pulitzer-Winning Photos Of The Syrian War Depict Trauma And Suffering

December 16, 2013

These Pulitzer-Winning photos depict the trauma and suffering caused by the Syrian war, which helps raise public awareness of the situation.

The Brothers Quay, Street Of Crocodiles Inspired Tim Burton

October 5, 2013

There are a lot of parallels between the Brothers Quay movie, Street of Crocodiles, and Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

New Media Art Revolves Around Technology And Collaboration

September 9, 2013

New Media Art revolves around technology, participation, and collaboration as highlighted by Mark Tribe in his new book, New Media Art.

Dallas Professional Photographers Association Speaker Hiram Trillo

June 13, 2013

Dallas Professional Photographers Association keynote speaker for June 13, 2013, was the award-winning wedding photographer Hiram Trillo.

Cindy Sherman, A Retrospective At The Dallas Museum of Art

April 12, 2013

Cindy Sherman, A Retrospective At The Dallas Museum of Art was incredible photography exhibit that surveyed her greatest works.

“Life’s Better When We’re Connected” Ad Campaign by Bank of America

April 11, 2013

“Life’s better when we’re connected” ad campaign by Bank of America is a new creative campaign with some great touching commercials.

A Lesson In Brand Loyalty, Maker’s Mark Product Change Backfires

February 19, 2013

Brand loyalty is very sensitive to product changes like the time when Marker’s Mark learned that changes can backfire when not done properly.

The Looming Fiscal Cliff

November 27, 2012

The looming fiscal cliff has brought about a huge challenge that the Obama administration is currently facing. Republicans and Democrats must come together and make a compromise to resolve this crisis, if they are unable to, the results could be catastrophic for our economy. At the end of this year several cuts like the Bush […]

Chris Carlson's photo "The Road Home"

October 30, 2012

After 25 space flights, the NASA space shuttle Endeavour made her last mission, it was a journey through the roads of Los Angeles. Her final home will not be in Florida from where she made her missions; instead she will be at the California Science Center (Bernstein and Lopez). Chris Carlson’s photograph of the Endeavor […]

Debt Ceiling Social Dilemmas

October 12, 2012

Several social dilemmas can be seen in the current debate over the debt ceiling that has been going on in our government over the past year. The debate is essentially this: Republicans do not want to raise our debt ceiling any further with out making spending cuts and by refraining from raising taxes. The Democrats […]

The Psychotherapeutics of Online Photosharing, A Flawed Theory

October 8, 2012

The Psychotherapeutics of Online Photosharing is a very interesting article but unfortunately, it’s full of logical fallacies.

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