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UX Design Conference And Empathy Immersion Workshop A UT Dallas

February 9, 2019

The UX Design Conference and Empathy Immersion Workshop at UT Dallas by Brian Sullivan and Cassini Nazir was excellent and very educational.

Comparative Essay: Asterios Polyp & Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

May 12, 2015

A Comparative Essay of Asterios Polyp & Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close that explores the visual and narrative parallels in the two books

A Photo Book Highlighting The Process Of Photography Not The Result

May 11, 2015

“Finding The One” is a photo book that highlights the art and process of photography instead of focusing on the final result.

Persuasion Techniques in American Hustle – Reactance & The Liking Rule

May 5, 2015

Persuasion techniques are used frequently in the movie “American Hustle,” the ones they leverage the most are Reactance and The Liking Rule.

Interactive Art Crowdsourced Through Networked Digital Media

April 8, 2015

Interactive art crowdsourced through networked digital media is blurring the lines between what it means to be an artist and a participant.

Telematic Art And Telepresence In The Telematic Embrace

March 4, 2015

Telematic art is transcending and challenging the entire history of humanity’s understanding of art, communication, and connection.

Video: MOViNG

February 18, 2015

This is a story told in an auto-ethnography style about a large family who moved from Silicon Valley to the countryside in Texas during The Great California Exodus right at the beginning of the dot com explosion. It centers around the house they all lived in for 17 years that they all ended up abandoning.

My Photo Series “Hispanica Americana” is Published in Annual UT Dallas Research Journal

February 17, 2015

I submitted this photographic essay to UT Dallas’ yearly student research journal called The Exley. After an extensive review process, my photos were selected to be in the Spring 2015 issue! The Published Essay: For 4 1/2 years in my early 20s, I lived in Mexico. My time there gave me a profound appreciation for […]

Sans Soleil By Chris Maker Is An Insightful And Revelatory Essay Film

January 28, 2015

Sans Soleil by Chris Maker is an insightful and revelatory essay film, the subway scene, in particular, resonated with me.

Geology Of The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Site Visits With Photos

November 15, 2014

The geology of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is very diverse and interesting as seen in these photos from several of the geological sites.

Interview with Jeff Langhammer and Ryan Li

April 25, 2014

Yesterday I sat down with two professional photographers, Jeff Langhammer and Ryan Li, to discuss their ideas and philosophies about taking impactful images. I had recorded audio for this interview but unfortunately lost while moving this content to my new blog location. I left it this up just to remember this time in my life. I worked for […]

Infographic: Memorability and History of Photos

They’re millions upon millions of photos taken and shared every day. Knowing what kind of photos to take to help get your work more notice and remembered is very important when wanting to learn earn income as a photographer.

Online Photography Communities Help With Growing As A Photographer

April 18, 2014

Online photography communities can be instrumental in helping people who are interested, grow as a photographer and an artist.

Online Communities Are Great for Personal And Career Growth

Online communities such as Flickr can be a great place for encouraging and fostering personal and career growth for photographers.

Interview With High End Wedding Photographer Hiram Trillo

April 17, 2014

This week I sat down with the amazing international wedding photographer, Hiram Trillo, and asked him a several questions about impactful photography. He is very well known in the wedding photography world as photographer who takes photos that are emotionally impactful and moving. A photo he took of a bride and groom in Spain won […]

Tableau Photography, Storytelling In Contemporary Art Photography

Tableau photography is a genre of art photography that refers to literature, cinéma, and historical events to construct familiar narratives.

Video: Internal Ghost

December 8, 2013

This is best viewed full screen in HD so you can see the text being written out in the video. I wrote a poem and applied the words as CSS classes. This is a video of me reciting the poem as it’s being typed out as CSS classes and appearing in a Chrome browser window. […]

Petra Cortright The Digital Artist, A Summary Of Her Life and Work

November 11, 2013

Petra Cortright is an influential and pioneering digital artist, this is a brief summary of her life and well-known digital artwork.

“I’m Still Here” With Joaquin Phoenix: From Victimage to Transcendence

November 10, 2013

I’m Still Here depicts Joaquin Phoenix’s journey from victimage to transcendence and how he duped the entire mainstream media.

Video: The End

November 4, 2013

The death of a dream. Bailey Stearns – Concept ArtistBlair Collum – Sound Designer & CastingMathias Ybarra – AnimatorMatthew T Rader – Director & Photographer