Taguayabón, Cuba: A Quaint and Lively Farming Community

Taguayabón, a village in Cuba, is a rich agricultural community linked to farming, with timeless rural life and unique architecture.

Taguayabón, Cuba: Photos Of A Vibrant Caribbean Village

About The Village

Located in the heart of Cuba, Taguayabón is a small village with a rich agricultural history that mirrors the resilience and community spirit of Cuba as a whole. The village flourished as a vital center for farming, becoming an essential hub for cultivating a variety of crops. The agricultural practices shaped Taguayabón and the community’s identity through decades of hard work and shared traditions. With a backdrop of lush landscapes and a close-knit community, the village stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of rural Cuba.

Photos of Taguayabón

After spending a few days in Havana, we all went to Taguayabón to spend a couple of days there. I was traveling with a group from my church to support some local churches and bring some much-needed supplies. Supplies like medicine, toothbrushes and toothpaste, school supplies, and more. Whenever I had some downtown I went for walks to capture this farming community. I found rural Cuba to be really pretty and full of activity. Almost everywhere I looked there were people busily working.

Visiting Taguayabón, Cuba truly felt like a step back into the past. I felt like I was watching what life was like for most people around the world 60-70 years ago. There were people riding horses and horse carts for transportation. Also, most of the cars there were made in the 40s and 50s.

Taguayabón, Cuba: Photos Of A Vibrant Caribbean Village
Taguayabón, Cuba: Photos Of A Vibrant Caribbean Village

Some of the houses there had this very interesting architectural style. On the left and right of the houses they built what looked like harp-shaped designs. Not all the houses had this design, but a lot of them. I also noticed quite a few houses with partially completed second floors. I learned those second floors are for providing a home for a recently married son or daughter. So they would build a second floor above the parents for them to stay in. Building a second floor often takes years because Cubans are paid so little and all their supplies are rationed.

rural Cuba house architecture
Taguayabón, Cuba: Photos Of A Vibrant Caribbean Village
Taguayabón, Cuba: Photos Of A Vibrant Caribbean Village

While I was there it was mango season. They had mango trees all over the place with mangos hanging from there. I got to eat some and they were incredible.

Taguayabón, Cuba: Photos Of A Vibrant Caribbean Village


  1. Awesome photos and story of Cuba I really have to visit it. I live in the island of Trinidad and Tobago and have heard the awesome sites from my local cuban immigrants that live here

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