The Brothers Quay

crocodiles before Christmas

It was really interesting to read and learn about the guys who inspired the creator of one of my all time favorite movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Interestingly I saw what appeared to be a lot of parallels between the the Brothers Quay movie, Street of Crocodiles, and Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. One of the similarities for me were the odd animated creatures that were typically seen as not having life, had life. And in each movie the creatures were eager to explore the world outside of their own. In Street of Crocodiles, the toys and mechanical things seemed to want to explore humanity and what it meant to be human by probing the man and by exploring an array of phallic and yonic shapes, very intimate aspects of being human. In Tim Burton’s movie the characters went off to explore a holiday land much different from their own by probing Santa Clause and studying shapes and symbols uniquely related to Christmas.  A stark difference though is the aesthetics,  Tim Burton’s movie was well lit, colorful at times and full of beautiful landscapes and detail. The Brothers Quay movie was stripped of aesthetics so the core idea and theme would shine without being hindered by layers of “beauty.” Street of Crocodiles was a very interesting and fascinating film.

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