This Damaged Guardrail Made Me Curious About The Story Behind It

This damaged guardrail made me curious about the story behind it every time I drove past it on my way home, I finally had to photograph it.

A Damaged Guardrail in Rowlett, Texas

Every time I drive home I have to loop under the President George Bush Tollway bridge in Rowlett, Texas. As I loop under the bridge I drive past this damaged guardrail. I’ve been living in this area for 7 months now and it has been left broken there the entire time I’ve lived here. Those traffic cones also seem to never move. It’s exactly the same every day.

Normally I would find a few feet of damaged guardrail is totally uninteresting. But the fact that I see it so often has forced me to think a lot about it. First, I wondered if it will ever get fixed and if so, when? I then wondered about the cost and effort it takes to fix just a few feet of steel like that.

I probably should have considered what happen first, but I didn’t. Most likely I didn’t wonder what happened because I figured I already knew; someone turned the corner too fast and drove into it. Not a lot of mystery there. As least that’s what initially thought. But then I thought about, who did it. Who drove into that damaged guardrail? Were they okay? How fast were they going? Were they drinking alcohol and ended up in jail? Was it more or less of an event than it looks? Maybe they were texting and driving.

When I started thinking deeply about the guardrail, I realized how much I actually didn’t know about it. I also felt a little sad for the unknown person involved and hoped everything turned out okay for them. I tried researching what happened online but I couldn’t any info other than a car accident had happened there.

A guardrail sitting in the grass
President George Bush Highway in Rowlett, Texas
A Damaged Guardrail in Rowlett, Texas
A Damaged Guardrail in Rowlett, Texas
President George Bush Highway in Rowlett, Texas


  1. Hi Matt,
    It’s pure negligence, maybe if you send this pictures along with a note to the congress person in the area you live, probably things will start moving…?
    Be Safe..

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