MOViNG, An Autoethnography Video About My Home In Rural Texas

February 18, 2015

MOViNG, is an autoethnography video about the house where my family and I lived during my teenage years in Texas that we later abandoned.

Code Is Poetry: Video Art That Turns Code Into Literal Poetry

December 8, 2013

Code Is Poetry is an art video of me writing code that is an actual poem, it also reveals images from my life and dreams as it’s being written

A Stop-Motion Animation Movie About A Ninja Turtle’s Dream

November 4, 2013

This is a stop-motion animation that explores the dreams of a toy Ninja Turtle until the dream is abruptly ended by his unexpected death.

Submerged In Technology, The Chaos Of Life In The Internet Age

September 30, 2013

Submerged In Technology is a short art video depicting the chaos of navigating life in the Internet Age in a consumerist culture.