Urban Exploration Of An Abandoned Apartment Complex in Dallas

An old TV in an abandoned apartment

Urban Exploration of the abandoned White Rock Trail and Toscana apartments in Dallas was creepy and haunting and I got some eerie photos.

I drive up and down Skillman Avenue frequently. Every time I pass the White Rock Trail and Toscana apartments and see those abandoned buildings my mind wonders about the people who used to live there. I thought to myself that I need to go there and do some urban exploration.

Urban Exploring the White Rock Trail and Toscana apartments

I finally made some time and went onto the property to explore it and take some photos. Surprisingly, it was really easy to just walk through the broken gate. The scenes in there were very creepy and sad. They were also beautiful in an eerie. There was so much to photograph since it was such a big complex. In order to get a lot of good photos, I ended up going there on three different occasions. I’m glad I did because I’ve just recently found out that they are going to finally tear them down.

Private Property No Trespassing sign at a an deserted apartment complex
Abandoned White Rock Trail and Toscana apartments urban exploration
A swimming pool at an abandoned apartment
An empty pool at an abandoned apartment complex
Abandoned apartment complex urbex
A broken door at a neglected apartment complex
Urban Exploring the abandoned White Rock Trail and Toscana apartments
A partially destroyed Pool Rules sign at a forsaken apartment complex
An old and rusted emergency phone booth
A broken staircase leading up to boarded-up apartments
Urban Exploring an abandoned apartment complex
The roof of an admin office caved in at the White Rock Trail and Toscana apartments
A tree growing next to a dilapidated apartment building
A pool of dirty water at a decrepit apartment complex

Left Behind Artifacts

As a result of seeing all of the discarded artifacts, each time I visited I would imagine what the people were like and what they did in the spaces I was photographing. I wanted to capture the remains of their presence as well as evidence of other intruders.

A tipped over walker in a deserted apartment complex
A little girl’s rusted shoe on the ground in an abandoned apartment complex
Shoes left on a staircase at the abandoned White Rock Trail and Toscana apartments

I took this photo inside one of the apartments. There was this pile of broken glass sitting there with toys in it. I thought it provided an odd and slightly tragic juxtaposition.

Toys and broken glass inside of an abandoned apartment

When I walked off the premises, I took one last look back and noticed this bow hanging there on a dead limb. It almost perfectly summed up the entire experience for me.

A ribbon outside of an abandoned apartment complex

Broken Mirrors

While there, I found a big broken mirror in one of the empty apartments. I used my tripod and took a self-portrait of my reflection in that mirror.

Broken mirrors in an abandoned apartment urbex
Self Portrait in a broken mirror at the Abandoned White Rock Trail and Toscana Apartments in Dallas, Texas

The apartments are completely gone now and have been replaced with the Century Lake Highlands apartments.

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  • So sad knowing such a beautiful apt went though neglect for so long. I remember living there vaguely since I was two years old at the time in 1989.

    • Thanks for your comment Bryan and it is sad when we see our childhood homes fall to ruins.

    • Thanks man! Sorry for the two year late response. It's gone now, lol. Previously I just walked through the main gate that had a wide enough gap to squeeze through.

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