Urban Exploring Abandoned Buildings Around Lake City, Florida

Urban exploring abandoned buildings around Lake City, Florida was full of unique colors and lighting that made for some awesome photos.

An abandoned factory in Lake City, Florida
An abandoned factory in Lake City, Florida

My brother David lives in Lake City, Florida. My other siblings and I went out there to his house to spend Christmas with his family. While in Lake City, my brother Sam and I started noticing all of the interesting abandoned buildings and structures around the city. So a couple of days after Christmas we drove around town and did some urban exploration in the various decaying buildings.

Urban exploring abandoned buildings in Lake City was really unique for me because of the tropical atmosphere. I used to do urbex in big cities with pavement everywhere. Or in abandoned homes out in the country in Texas. Here, bright green palm trees surrounded the abandoned buildings in the city. I think the lust greenery provided a great contrast to the old decaying buildings.

This building look like it was an old warehouse or factory many years ago. It was mostly empty inside of it.

I saw this outside of the lard warehouse building and I have no idea what it is.

I have no idea what this is

We then found a cluster of abandoned buildings that look like they were once little shops or stores. From the looks of it, they were probably built nearly 100 years ago.

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