Urban Exploring An Abandoned House In Prosper, Texas

Urban exploring an abandoned house in Prosper, Texas revealed some very interesting things about the family who had once lived there.

I had been visiting Prosper when I came across this abandoned house out in the countryside. The plain outdated style of its architecture immediately caught my eye. Most houses in this area are either ranch style homes or red brick houses. I had never seen a house like that. It reminded me of mid-century architecture but honestly, I have no idea what style it would be considered.

Even though it looks nothing like the house I grew up in East Texas, it reminded me of that house. Maybe it was the uninteresting landscape around it and how old and neglected it looked. The house we lived in is now torn down and gone. I couldn’t resist the urge to go up to it and see if I could get in and explore it.

House of Prosper Video

As I walked around the house I recorded video clips to create this video of me exploring the house.

The song is empty.space by Cory McCallum

Abandoned House Photos

Urban Exploring in Prosper, Texas
House of Prosper – An Abandoned Home In Prosper, Texas
The back of the abandoned house

Urban Exploring Inside The Abandoned House

When I got inside the house still had furniture and scattered items in it. There were toys, clothes, an old computer, chairs, and beds still in it. It was like the family who had lived there had to get up and leave in a hurry. I found their absence to be very mysterious and intriguing.

The dusty artifacts and broken windows and lifeless spaces remind me of my family and the things we did in our house growing up. Very strangely, I saw some of the exact same items in the house that we had once owned, like a basketball-themed ceiling fan, kitchen chairs, and blue blinds.

A dusty toy gun on the ground in an abandoned house
Sports themed ceiling fan at an abandoned house
Urbex at an abandoned house in Prosper, Texas
a beer can and medicine in a bathroom sink
A torn up recliner in an abandoned house

On the second floor I saw that there was some kind of factory behind the house. I wonder if that’s why the house was abandoned. Maybe the parents got up and left with their kids to get away from the factory. Maybe the house then became hard to sell because of it’s location and now it just sits there decaying.

A factory outside a back window
A factory behind an abandoned house in Prosper, Texas

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