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Urban Exploring Childress, Texas, A Town Of Old And Decaying Buildings

Urban exploring Childress, Texas was fun because it's a small farming town full of old and decaying buildings, cars, and other things.

Urban exploring Childress, Texas was fun because it’s a small farming town full of old and decaying buildings, cars, and other things.

US and Texas flags in Childress, Texas

A few months ago when I was driving up to Amarillo from Dallas, I passed through an old small Texas town called Childress. I thought it was so interesting how it looked so abandoned and dull. How I found that interesting I don’t know.

On my way back down to Dallas, I spent the night in Childress. I did this so I could wake up early in the morning to take some photos of town at sunrise.

The first thing I saw that caught my attention was this antique stove. It was sitting against a building on the side of the road. Right by it was a bunch of old signs attached to the side of the building.

Old street signs in Childress, Texas

A lot of places were still open for business but yet they looked like they haven’t had a customer in years. Like this taxidermy place in the downtown area:

A taxidermy in Childress, Texas
An old gas station in Childress, Texas

Urban Exploration Photography

I have recently learned about a genre of photography that I have always enjoyed called Urbex – Urban Exploration. Wikipedia defines it as the examination of the normally unseen or off-limits parts of urban areas or industrial facilities. This town had amazing Urbex opportunities. Like this photo, of the sunrise through a dirty abandoned factory window:

Sunrise through and dirty window

Here is the outside of the building I was in. I saw the sun through one of those windows. It was one of the windows on the left side in the photo below.

This bakery really stood out among all the emptiness of the town. Its colors and architectural style. Urban exploring Childress turned out to provide several great photos.

Childress Bakery

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  • Dang Matt, I really like all those photos. I especially like the bakery and that dead head one. The front image of the flags is so awesome too! It's so slick and lonely. Good work dude!

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