Urbex Of An Abandoned Warehouse In A Florida Pine Forest

Urbex of an abandoned warehouse In A Florida Pine Forest in a Florida pine forest that has been dilapidated and decaying for several decades.

Urbex of an abandoned warehouse in a Florida pine forest that has been dilapidated and decaying for several decades.

While visiting my brother in Lake City, Florida we took his golf cart and drove on some trails that went through a nearby forest. The ride was fun as we drove several miles away from his house. On our ride he pointed out some cinder block walls hidden in the forest. The walls were largely overgrown with vegetation and had some graffiti on them. They immediately intrigued me but I didn’t have my camera with me. So I asked him if we could return the next day for me to walk around the walls and photograph them.

Exploring The Abandoned Warehouse

When we arrived back at the site the next day I was much more prepared for urban exploring. I had my camera with me and shoes and pants for walking around in the forest safely. It was hard to make out what the building had been. Someone obviously built it a while back, at least a few decades ago. There were fully grown trees about 40-60 feet high in areas that had once been indoors. After some futher exploration we came to the conclusion that it was an abandoned warehouse. Interstingly, there was very little there other than the walls and some steel trusses that were on the ground and in one area sitting above like it used to hold a ceiling. We didn’t see any cement floors though, so I wonder if it was abandoned mid construction.

As I walked around the spaces where vegetation had overcome the abandoned structure drew me in. I also like some of the graffiti on the walls. There wasn’t an excesive graffiti though, it looks like people rarely come out here. The favorite graffiti I like the most there was a black square with the phrase, “Goonies never say die.” A quote from one of my all time favorite movies. This urbex of an abandoned warehouse was an interesting experience that provided some really cool photos of how nature will gradually take over anything we leave behind.

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Matthew T Rader