A Reverie, A Surreal Stop Motion Journey Through Dreams and Reality

“A Reverie” is a surreal stop motion journey weaving in and out of dreams and reality where neither is distinguishable from the other.

A Reverie’s Poem:

Lost in my thoughts,
I ponder on life,
It’s structure.

Humanity is fueled by dreams
Do we share that common bond?
All desiring a dream fulfilled?

The dreams we create
Soon become realities.
Do dreams and reality coexist?

Or dreams pass as reality come to light
And new dream comes alive?

Constant thoughts on dreams
With hopes that turn into a reality
But what is reality?

Do we even know the reality we perceive?

Or is everything but a fading dream in our mind?

The Making Of “A Reverie”

“A Reverie” is a poem and stop-motion video created by my sister Rachael Rader and I. Rachael and I wrote the poem together. She is the woman in the video and the voice reading the poem. I directed and edited the video. We filmed all of the scenes in and around Dallas including Rockwall and Grapevine.

To create the stop motion effect, Rachael had to walk and move very slowly through the various scenes as I took a photograph every second or so. I then stitched all the photos together and played them like a time-lapse. When the time-lapses were converted into videos and played, it looked as if Rachael was moving at normal speed while the world around her was rapidly moving.

We did this because wanted the video to feel like an otherworldly dream-like state. Giving the feeling of time passing quickly while she’s lost in her thoughts and unable to distinguish the difference between her dreams and reality.

Let me know what you think!

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