Walking Around Connects To My Environment More Than Driving Does

Walking around connects to my environment more than driving does, this short video is about how after buying a car I miss that connection.

Walking around connects to my environment

This video is about how I used to walk everywhere I went from 21 to 28 years old. During those years I walking around connects to my environment, especially to the cities and neighborhoods I lived in. Now that I have a car and have moved to Dallas, I don’t feel the connection I had with other cities. I miss walking around and exploring, now it’s rush get to work, get home, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s raining, etc.

I do really appreciate my car but a longing persists in me to walk around more. Because I drive so much lately, I’ve increasingly felt more and more disconnected from my environment, a feeling I’m not accustomed to. Also, Dallas isn’t a great walkable city either. But one of the great things about photography is that it has given me a reason to walk around and pay attention to my surroundings.

Unfortunately, my voice audio didn’t come out very clear, but it still turned out to be pretty cool.

Here are my words in the video;

From 21 to 28
I walked every day.

Had no car
And I still went far.

From Korea to Mexico
There was no place I wouldn’t go.

Seeing Everything go past
Watching the city through my window glass.

Though I’m protected
I feel disconnected.

The song is Fade (Mich Remix) by Alan Walker

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