Heroin kit inside of a Jack Daniels tin box
Heroin kit inside of a Jack Daniels tin box

I remember when I initially saw this heroin drug kit, just sitting there on the counter, it was in a little dark abandoned house in a small town outside of Dallas. I was fascinated by it and I thought to myself that this would make an amazing photography subject. I took a few photos and went home.

When I arrived home I stared at the photo on my Apple computer screen, then suddenly this sense of loss came over me. I began to understand what I was looking at. This photograph spoke volumes and told such a common tragic story. The subject of the photo, the Jack Daniel’s case and the needles, represented destruction, hopelessness, and above all, death.

Even though I don’t believe I ever personally knew the person or people who used them, I felt sad for them. I felt like I lost something, like I lost a neighbor. The person must have felt so lost and so useless and so unhappy to feel they needed those things. I understand those feelings, I’ve had them before. I started to head down that road once too, but thank God I never went down that far.

My advice to you is this: Don’t waste your life being wasted. This is the only life you have; love and live it.

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  1. Wow Matt I really like what you said. Yeah I remember when we saw this. I have pictures I took of it too. This picture really does represent destruction. Such a story is behind this. Not just the story of the person using it but that persons past and the reasons that brought him to such a dark road. You can only wonder.
    P.S. I really like the setup of this page. It’s a nice template. And I really like how you have your logo on top. I love the colors. I use those colors A LOT for stuff I do.

  2. Right Mike, I find that so interesting and thanks!
    Thanks Sam, and I’m not sure, I’ve never used heroin, thankfully.
    Thank you very much DPStudent, I really appreciate your encouraging and thoughtful comment!

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