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Thoughts on Mark Trive’s book, New Media Art

One of the most interesting things that I find about New Media Art is how collaborative it usually is. In the Collaboration and participation section of the book, Mark Tribe emphasizes that one of the big differences between classic art and New Media Art is the collaborative aspect of it. In the past artwork was generally attributed to just one artist. Now, art frequently can be attributed to a group of artists. A new media artistic team that I really like is Reed + Rader, the Rader is named Matthew, he his my namesake, I discovered him by searching my name on Google. When I came across their website I was very intrigued at their creativity and use of new media. I then friended them on Facebook and now enjoy their updates, we even chat occasionally. One of things I found very fascinating about them is when they post production photos you will always see a whole team of people working together to create the art they do.

What I find interesting about these new media art teams is that they may not be groups of purely creative people, they could also have mathematicians, software engineers, coders and another none “creative” type people whose skills are used to create new media art. New media art challenges people so much that just one person is frequently not skilled enough to create a very solid complex piece of art.

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