What Is An Impactful or Memorable Photo?

Enterprise Burning Hellcat – Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Enterprise Burning Hellcat – Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

There are billions of photos created and shared by people all over the world every year. Some of these images stand out and really touch people and get seared into their memories. The images that stand out get looked at again and again, they get shared and talked about while the majority are almost instantly forgotten. Images that stand out in such a way are considered impactful or memorable photos. 

In this series I am going to research, study and discuss the answers to the following questions about impactful photos:

Series on How to Make Impactful Photos

1. What is considered an impactful or memorable photo?
2. What makes a photo more memorable or impactful than another photo?
3. What are the key elements of a memorable photo?
4. What specific elements of a photo make it so memorable?
5. What is it about those elements that leaves such an impact on people?
6. How can a photographer make more photos that are memorable?
7. How can a photographer capture intensity in a photograph?
8. How do people’s faces affect the memorability of a photograph?

As I do research and discover the answers to these questions, I will write about them in this blog. I hope the answers I find a very beneficial to me as a photographer and anyone else interested in photography.

Who Am I?

I am a photographer that is very interested in learning how to become a better photographer. From studying and reading about professional photographers I started to notice a trend, that many of their photos were very impactful and memorable. I want to understand what is it specifically that makes their photos so memorable so I can learn how to implement the different techniques and elements they used to create such photos.

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