Writing for New Media explored how people connect in the Internet age

Writing for New Media explored the various ways people are learning to evolve in how they connect with one another in the Internet age.

Writing for New Media explored how people connect in the Internet age
Writing for New Media explored how people connect with one another in the Internet age

Countless Ways To Connect

The Writing for New Media college class was a great class and I learned a lot from it. One of the biggest things I took away from the class was a deeper understanding of how people are connecting with one another on the Internet. Humans are social beings and have a constant desire to regularly connect with each other. As our technology continues to evolve so will people’s ways to connect with one another. The many different facets of technology people use to communicate reflect the many different ways we as people like to communicate.

In this class, I learned that there are many people who love to delve deeply into their thoughts. And then share those thoughts primarily on blogs. And there are others who enjoy sharing short snippets of their lives through sites like Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare.

Sharing Media Online

People are naturally inspired by other people, they also love sharing their inspiration with the world around them. With social media, this sharing of others’ work is no longer just in the living room or by the water-cooler. Sharing is now largely taking place on the Internet. A place that is visible by billions of people. This creates a brand new set of challenges and complications.

On one hand, people love receiving exposure. On the other hand, people want to profit or at least receive all the credit due them for their work. To solve those problems, different solutions to protect content creators are popping up all over the place. Solutions such as Creative Commons and blockchain technologies.

Where Will New Media Take Us?

Nobody really knows where technology is going to take us. Some predict a peaceful world where everyone of all nationalities connects easily. Others predict completely the opposite, a world where technology has prevented people from meaningful connections. One thing I do know is in order to successfully stay current, we as individuals must be very adaptable to new technologies. But we must do that without losing the essence of our humanity.

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