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Branding & Marketing

Objectifying Women’s Bodies In Advertising Hurts Both Women And Men

September 22, 2013

Objectifying women’s bodies in advertising not only harms women, it also harms men’s ability to relate and connect with women in healthily.

“Life’s Better When We’re Connected” Ad Campaign by Bank of America

April 11, 2013

“Life’s better when we’re connected” ad campaign by Bank of America is a new creative campaign with some great touching commercials.

American Airlines Rebranding Successfully Modernized Their Classic Logo

March 5, 2013

American Airlines rebranding successfully modernized their famous logo into one that moves them forward without forgetting the past.

A Lesson In Brand Loyalty, Maker’s Mark Product Change Backfires

February 19, 2013

Brand loyalty is very sensitive to product changes like the time when Marker’s Mark learned that changes can backfire when not done properly.