Photos: Mayiladuthurai, Tharangambadi, and Poombuhar, India – First View of the Coast

Mayiladuthurai is the next city I visited. After there I went to Tharangambadi and Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu. I visited three towns in one day. Saw amazing things in each one.


Here I visited a woman’s college and was part of a tree-planting ceremony. Then I visited an elementary school full of sweet and energetic children.

Tharangambadi – Fort Dansborg

Here I visited an old Danish Fort also known as Fort Dansborg, built in 1620. The fort was very interesting. I thought the people that hung around it more interesting. It was located on the Bay of Bengal coast right by a beach where people go to hang out. This is was my first time seeing a beach in India. It was really pretty and lively with people scattered throughout it. I thought it was interesting how everyone was wearing full clothes, no bathing suits. The sight of cows and goats roaming around on the beach was a very new sight for me.

Poombuhar – Silapathikaram Art Gallery

After the fort, we went to the Silapathikaram Art Gallery in Poombuhar. It was a really cool building with architecture that was a hybrid of Indian and Asian. At the gallery, outside of it, there were very detailed life-sized sculptures of women in various dance poses. I always thought it was interesting how the body shapes of the women in their sculptures look so similar to some famous American women that have had cosmetic surgery and implants.

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