Sugar Beach, St. Lucia Catamaran Trip To Snorkel At The Coral Reef

Sugar Beach, St. Lucia GoPro video of a catamaran tour to snorkel the coral reef in two different locations off of the Caribbean island.

St. Lucia is where my wife and I decided to spend our Honeymoon. It was a beautiful island with a lot of incredible sights. We stayed on the south side of the island where it was less built up. The beach is located at the base of one of the two famous mountains on the island called the Pitons.

I made this video of our snorkeling trip to Sugar Beach with my GoPro Hero5 Sessions. We sailed along the south part of the island on a catamaran to get to the beach. The snorkeling there was great. There were some beautiful formations and fish. We really loved it. Some of the best views were in the shallow parts of the water. I noticed way more reef and fish when the water was 5-10 feet deep. That is one of the reasons why I love snorkeling, you get to be so close to nature and see things you don’t normally see.

After you wash the video, check out these photographs I took during our trip to the island.

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